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Skillcast's Guide on how to write a modern slavery statement for your businessMarch 31st 2016 saw the introduction of Modern Slavery Act statements in all large companies across the UK.

The new measure comes under Section 54 of The Modern Slavery Act 2015, in which the Government has made it compulsory for all organisations with a global annual turnover of £36m or more, to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year.

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The statement must detail the steps the company has taken in that year to identify and eradicate modern slavery in both its own business and its supply chains.

But, since this is a legislation that has never been carried out  before, how will companies know exactly what to include and how much information to disclose when writing their modern slavery statement?

Here are 6 simple steps on how to write a modern slavery statement for your business:

Skillcast's Guide on how to write a modern slavery statement for your business

  1. Highlight your company's commitment to tackling modern day slavery - Reiterate your understanding of the risks associated with modern slavery and the measures you are taking to prevent it.
  2.  Describe the organisational structure of your business and all of its supply chains  - Provide details of  the business activities your company carries out and the countries or regions you operate directly with.
  3. Who has the responsibility for anti-slavery initiatives within your company? Do you offer any training to increase your employees understanding of modern slavery?
  4. Provide details of the policies and procedures you have in place to identify modern slavery risks and any prevention measures you have enforced. How do you investigate these risks?
  5. Be sure to tackle supplier due diligence - What actions do you take when considering new suppliers? How do you review existing customers?
  6. Many organisations have implemented training courses for all of their employees since the passing of this bill. Therefore, your statement should provide a clear overview of the training your company has put forward, including any awareness-raising programmes, such as, posters, flyers, and emails.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you publish a competent modern slavery statement that is in line with the purpose of this legislation. Whilst there is no definitive structure to the layout of the statement, it is important that these points are outlined succinctly and with transparency. The statement can be published anywhere on your company website, with a link to your anti-slavery statement on your homepage.

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