Intelligent Learning Workshop

Posted by

Simon Truckle

on 25 Feb 2020

Our breakfast workshop at London's Shard showcased how Barclays and Société Générale have partnered with Skillcast to harness Intelligent Learning techniques to drive outcomes.

Intelligent Learning Workshop

Intelligent Learning is the most exciting trend in compliance training today - driven by the need to align corporate training to desired outcomes and improve the return on  investment. It makes use of gamification, personalisation, adaptive content, mentoring, and data capture to engage employees, drive behavioural change and build ethical workplaces.

The Intelligent Learning Effect

Our event started with a networking breakfast surrounded by panoramic views of London from the 34th floor of London's iconic Shard. Then after some excited snapping of the skyline, Catriona Razic and Simon Truckle explained Skillcast's Intelligent Learning solutions. 

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  • The four pillars - Personalisation, Adaptive Content, Gamification, Analytics
  • Alignment - Matching Intelligent Learning elements to outcomes
  • Content - Translating outcomes into engaging training content
  • Personalisation - Scenarios help discover what each learner does, to identify training needs
  • Adaptive content - Assess knowledge to deliver a tailored pre-assessment
  • Gamification - Enabling you to assess confidence levels as well as knowledge
  • Analytics - Gathers more including assessments,  activities and gamification elements

Intelligent Learning Brochure

Case study: Knowledge retention at Société Générale

Marines Romero-Caniz, explained how Société Générale used Intelligent Learning to help benchmark compliance knowledge to formulate future training initiatives.

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  • Objective: Move from F2F knowledge spot-checks to impartial, scalable, needs analysis 
  • Method: Gamified scenarios with a competitive element
  • Outcomes: As questions were linked to Compliance themes, management could easily identify both individuals needing specific support, and themes that departments were finding challenging, to guide future training programmes.

Case study: Security awareness at Barclays

Emma-Louise Fern explained how Barclays Chief Security Office used Intelligent Learning to assess knowledge retention and understand key concepts through gamification.

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  • Objective: Measure & reinforce knowledge of 90k learners at 3 months post-training
  • Method: Mandatory course followed-up by a personalised knowledge assessment game
  • Personalisation: Based on roles, shortening the course to a learner specific length
  • Delivery method: Skillcast SCORM course including confidence levels
  • Sample size: Almost 3k of invitees completed - a broad and substantial sample
  • Results: Physical security & resilience showed 98% & 89% retention rates respectively
  • Outcomes: CAP Gemini rating rose from 1.75 in 2016 to 3.25 by the end of 2019. Barclays were able to design future training to focus on specifically the identified knowledge gaps.

Interactive Intelligent Learning workshop

After the case studies, we held a 30-minute workshop where Skillcast e-learning designers and consultants demonstrated the inner workings of Intelligent Learning and explained how elements can be implemented to achieve business outcomes.

Bryan Dickson, Monitoring & Education Consultant at National Australia Bank and Vickie Guilloit from Privacy Culture on the benefits of attending Skillcast's Intelligent Learning Workshop.

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Intelligent Learning

What is gamified learning?

Gamified learning has helped many of our customers to identify strengths, weaknesses and a clear focus for future initiatives. If you'd like to learn more, we have a series of gamification blogs, case studies explaining how we helped Barclays, Société Générale and Royal Mail or and a gaming hub where you can try out one of our themed games.

Skillcast games present your employees with challenging propositions in a realistic context. Learners accept or reject each proposition with a click or swipe, losing lives for each incorrect answer and completing the game within a time limit. They are a fun and engaging learning tool with a serious purpose.

How games improve learning outcomes

  • Driving behavioural change
  • Boosting knowledge retention
  • Improving employee assessments
  • Highlighting competency gaps

Isn't it time you added gamified learning to your compliance learning toolkit?

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