Transparency International Anti-Bribery Training

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Vivek Dodd

on 07 Mar 2024

Transparency International (UK) partnered with Skillcast to create the gold standard of anti-bribery training: 'Doing Business Without Bribery' with free English and French versions.

Transparency International Anti-Bribery Training

The gold standard of anti-bribery training

'Doing Business Without Bribery' is a free online course available off-the-shelf, providing comprehensive anti-corruption training for front-line staff.

The course is available with the help of Transparency International UK and gives organisations free access to best-practice training materials. It will help you prevent and resist bribery more effectively and comply with the UK Bribery Act.

This training toolkit, sourced from the world's leading anti-corruption experts, represents the next generation of anti-bribery training. It provides employees with a range of in-depth, realistic scenarios that require participants to make decisions in familiar situations.

By completing the course, you will better understand bribery laws, the consequences of violating them, and how to avoid bribes when doing business in high-risk countries.

The online training covers difficult areas of anti-corruption laws, e.g., facilitation payments. It aims to offer clear and practical answers to frequently asked questions such as "What is a sensible approach to gift-giving?" and "How do I undertake due diligence on agents?".

Doing Business Without Bribery is a 30-minute online course covering:

  • What bribery is, and why it is important
  • How to prevent and resist bribery in challenging scenarios
  • Bribery laws and the consequences of bribery for staff and organisations

This free version does not track or store your personal information or provide a certificate of completion.

If you'd like to roll this assessment out as a trackable online training module for your staff, please get in touch.

Anti-Bribery E-learning Module

Who is Transparency International?

Transparency International is a global movement sharing one vision: a world in which government politics, business, civil society, and people's daily lives are free of corruption. Transparency International UK is the UK national chapter of this movement.

Transparency International envisions a society in which:

  • The lives of people in the UK and around the world are significantly improved
  • The health of our institutions is enhanced
  • We can trust the integrity of those in authority
  • There is no impunity for the corrupt at home or abroad

Their chapters in over 100 countries have paralleled global understanding and expertise. Transparency International (UK) fights corruption by promoting changes in values, attitudes and behaviour at home and abroad through programmes that draw on the UK's unique position as a global political and business centre.

About our partnership

Skillcast is delighted to work with Transparency International UK to create this market-leading anti-bribery course representing the benchmark in good practice regarding content, design and impact.

"Unlike awareness-raising programmes, this course uses real-world scenarios to provide in-depth, practical training. The combined input from Transparency International UK and Skillcast has ensured the content is ethically sound, practical, thought provoking and comprehensive while giving learners the flexibility to focus on the issues that are most relevant to the participants."

Vivek Dodd, COO, Skillcast

The latest anti-bribery training & news

Transparency International UK is active across the major social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and features in our bribery and corruption blogs.

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Free Anti-Bribery E-learning

Doing Business Without Bribery provides comprehensive anti-corruption training for front-line staff.

It will help you to prevent and resist bribery more effectively and comply with the UK Bribery Act.

If you'd like to roll this assessment out as a trackable online training module for your staff, please get in touch.

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