First Aid Awareness Training Course

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Regardless of whether an injury or illness has been caused by work, it is important that employees receive immediate support.

The purpose of first aid is to administer assistance to minimise the consequences of injury and illness until qualified medical help is available.

Our First Aid Awareness course will help you educate your staff on basic first aid awareness to ensure they react appropriately in case of a workplace incident.

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First Aid Awareness Training Course

About this Course

Available as part of our Health & Safety Library.

Learning Objectives

This course will prepare your employees to:

  • Understand what first aid is
  • Identify the people in your Company who provide first aid in the event of an incident
  • Recognise the key risk factors that could lead to a first aid incident and how to prevent them
  • React appropriately to a first aid incident or any type of medical emergency

Course outline


What is first aid?

First aiders and appointed persons

- First aid training and qualifications

Duties under the law

- Employer responsibilities
- Employee responsibilities
- Documentation
- You decide: Who's right?

Risk factors

- Reviewing our Company's first aid provision
- Scenario: The new hire

First aid equipment

First aid box contents

- Types of firsts aid kits
- Automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
- First aid rooms

What to do in an emergency

Calling for help

- Calling 999
- You decide: Major vs minor incidents
- Danger, response, airway, breathing and circulation (DRABC)

Gathering information

- Scenario: Chest pain




Course Specifications



Approximately 30-minute long e-learning course followed by a 10-question assessment.



Suitable for all staff - examples and interactivities designed for staff at all levels. No previous knowledge or experience required.



SHARD-compliant, responsive display on all devices, accessibility on screen readers, visual design controlled via a client style sheet.



All Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android (Flash-free for mobile compatibility). AICC and SCORM 1.2-compliant, suitable for both hosted and deployed SCORM or AICC.



Fully customisable on Skillcast Portal CMS.



Pre-translated versions not available, but all text content can be exported for translation into all languages.



Based on UK legislation, but suitable for global audiences upon the removal of UK-specific references and translation as necessary.

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