Personal Conflicts of Interest Course

The FCA states that a firm must manage conflicts of interest between itself and its customers or other clients. Firms need to take appropriate steps to identify and manage these conflicts.

A conflict of interest refers to competing interests that interfere with judgement exercised in a relationship. Personal or professional conflicts of interest could prevent services rendered independently or impartially.

Our Personal Conflicts of Interest Course explains how to recognise conflicts of interest that arise and how to manage these to comply with regulations and avoid the appearance of impropriety.

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Personal Conflicts of Interest

About this Course

Available as part of our FCA Compliance Library.

Learning Objectives

This course will prepare your employees to:

  • Recognise conflicts of interest are
  • Know how to identify conflicts of interest in your role
  • Define personal account dealing
  • Recognise the implications of gifts and entertainment in relation to conflicts of interest
  • Interpret outside employment issues

Course outline


What are conflicts of interest?

Why are conflicts of interest important?

How might a personal conflict of interest arise?

How to detect conflicts of interest

Managing conflicts of interest

What are Personal Account Dealing rules?

Connected Persons

- You make the call: Connected Persons

Permitted & prohibited transactions?

Reporting requirements

- You make the call

Personal account dealing procedure

- You make the call

Gifts & Entertainment Policy

Gifts & Entertainment approval & reporting

Gifts - over & under the limit

Entertainment without a business purpose

Other Entertainment based situations

- You make the call

Giving gifts & corporate entertainment

Outside employment

- You make the call

Scenario: Personal Conflicts of Interest

Trading by connected person

- Community activity
- Directorship




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Course Specifications



Approximately 25-minute long e-learning course followed by a 10-question assessment.



Suitable for all staff - examples and interactivities designed for staff at all levels. No previous knowledge or experience is required.



SHARD-compliant, responsive display on all devices, accessibility on screen readers, visual design controlled via a client style sheet.



Ability to offer optional test-out, whereby users can choose to skip the course content and complete the learning assignment simply bypassing the assessment.



All Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android (Flash-free for mobile compatibility). AICC and SCORM 1.2-compliant, suitable for both hosted and deployed SCORM or AICC.



Fully customisable on Skillcast Portal CMS.



Pre-translated versions not available, but all text content can be exported for translation into all languages.



Based on UK legislation, but suitable for global audiences upon the removal of UK-specific references and translation as necessary.