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Homeworkers Putting Corporate Data at Risk

Posted by

Vivek Dodd

on 08 Jun 2020

Homeworkers Putting Corporate Data at Risk

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says that short, frequent breaks are better than less frequent longer breaks. But our survey found that homeworkers are not always taking them.

Working from home poses a huge data security challenge for companies. The Skillcast WFH Insights Survey May 2020, conducted by YouGov, found that some British employees working at home all or most of the time have failed to take some of the most basic measures to ensure data security when working from home. It reinforces the need to focus and prioritise if you are to maintain data protection in times of disruption.

We presented 1,983 employees, confirmed as working from home all or most of the time, with a selection of data security statements and asked them to select all that applied to their home working arrangements.

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Confidential information is being left at risk of data breaches

  • Password protection: 37% leave their PCs unlocked during breaks
  • Privacy: 26% have no way of preventing others in their home from seeing their work or listening to their conversations

    1. 17% of those working from home prior to the Covid-19 outbreak
    2. 32% of under-35 years versus 16% of over-55 years
  • Non-work devices: 16% connect personal devices to work laptop/computer

    1. 20% of under-35 years versus 11% of over-55 years


About the Skillcast WFH Insights Survey

Skillcast is the leading provider of compliance e-learning and staff compliance tools to companies in the UK, ranging from FTSE 100 giants to small and mid-sized businesses.

In May 2020, Skillcast commissioned YouGov to undertake the largest study of its kind in Great Britain, based on responses from 1,983 participants qualified as working from home all or most of the time.

This is just a taster of the full survey results. For further insights by the size of firm, the industry sector, region and demographics, email us at insights@skillcast.com.

To see more primary research results from our surveys, read our Insights blogs.

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