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Free Working from Home Training Module

Duration: 10 minutes | Format: E-Learning Training Module

Homeworking can be a challenge for some people who've not done it before. It can be stressful, and staff can lose touch with their colleagues - but you can overcome the issues with the help of some best practices.

Our free Working from Home Training Module will help make your staff feel valued and supported whilst reinforcing their company and regulatory obligations.

Working from home doesn't change employee rights and responsibilities. Each organisation is still responsible for staff well-being, and their staff need to comply with regulations and the company Code of Conduct.

At the end of this course is an assessment plus an affirmation you have understood and agree to comply with the Company's Homeworking Policy and the associated guidelines and procedures for working from home.

Free Working from Home Training Module

This course explains how to...

  • Set up your home-working environment
  • Assess your display screen equipment and home workstation
  • Care for your health and well-being when working at home
  • Protect personal data at home
  • Comply with regulations and best practices
  • Stay in touch with your team and colleagues and deliver on expectations

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