Key Compliance Challenges in 2023 Webinar

Length: 41 minutes | Format: Webinar

Companies will continue to face a variety of compliance challenges in 2023. It is almost impossible to predict what lies ahead, but some of the problems from 2022 will continue to dominate compliance in a heightened regulatory environment well into the new year.

In this webinar, we will discuss the high-level trends which are driving an increased focus on compliance. We will look specifically at three areas and how they will shape the compliance agenda.

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Discussion points...

  • Market Focus including impact of ESG, Cybercrime, Global Economic Uncertainty
  • Customer Focus Customer vulnerability and how to approach it
  • Employee Focus Managing a remote workforce to ensure well-being and compliance 

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Webinar Speakers

Sam Bio

Webinar Host

Samantha Martin-Woodgate
Community Lead & Evangelist

Samantha has held various commercially focused roles across the Information Technology and Cybersecurity sectors and developed a particular nuanced skill and passion for building communities and bringing people together. 



Danny Ambrose
Compliance Transformation Specialist

Danny has held various commercially focused roles in Risk and Regulatory Compliance.  Working with global businesses, Danny is experienced in engaging with clients to implement Compliance technologies to reduce risk and improve employee conduct. 



Chris White
Strategic Technology Advisor

Chris White has an in-depth knowledge of legal, PS, FS, investment management and technology sectors. He is an experienced highly commercial CIO who has created sustainable customer and shareholder value through digital transformation.