Webinar: Building Operational Resilience

Length: 55 minutes | Format: Webinar

The FCA has recognised that those they regulate performed well when faced with a global pandemic.

But this unforeseen event highlighted the need for firms to be resilient to other crises.

As a result, the UK financial services regulator, the FCA, has stepped in. It has introduced guidance to firms to maintain their operational resilience.

But how do meet these new obligations effectively?

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Key takeaways

Ex FCA-insider, Katharine Leaman and CIO thought leader Chris White discuss the FCA operational resilience obligations.

  • Understand what the FCA is looking for in operational resilience
  • Identify where you are on this journey
  • Learn how to build your plans to meet these obligations

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Webinar Speakers

Samantha Martin-Woodgate

Webinar Host

Samantha Martin-Woodgate
Compliance Evangelist

Sam has worked in various business growth roles for over 20 years. She supports Skillcast as Community Leader, fostering collaboration, communication and innovation. She is building our compliance community and facilitates meaningful peer networking to enable regulated firms.

Katharine Leaman

Guest Speaker

Katharine Leaman
Managing Director
Leaman Crellin

Katharine Leaman spent 11 years within the FCA then oversaw compliance at two major banks. She now consults on regulatory compliance across market conduct, CASS, SMCR, FX Global Code, Outsourcing, non-financial misconduct, and conduct risk.

Speaker Blogs
Chris White

Guest Speaker

Chris White
Strategic Technology Advisor

Chris White has an in-depth knowledge of legal, PS, FS, investment management and technology sectors. He is an experienced highly commercial CIO who has created sustainable customer and shareholder value through digital transformation.