FCA Business Plan 2023: Financial Crime & Fraud

Length: 45 minutes | Format: Webinar

Financial institutions face increasing challenges in combating illicit activities and protecting their customers and integrity in an ever-evolving landscape. The FCA Business Plan highlights the need for proactive measures to stay ahead of criminal activities and protect the interests of consumers and the financial system at large.

In this webinar, we discuss how to strengthen your organisation's ability to effectively tackle financial crime and fraud.

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Key takeaways...

  • Learn about the FCA's approach to detecting and preventing financial crime
  • Explore the FCA's plans to update and refine existing regulations to enhance the effectiveness of AML and CTF measures
  • Understand the FCA's focus on the emerging risks posed by cybercrime and the measures being implemented to safeguard customer data

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Webinar Speakers



Lucien Carter
Director of Regulatory Compliance

Lucien brings 35+ years of experience, having worked across commercial, training and compliance disciplines. Most recently he was Deputy Head of Compliance for a European Private Bank with a focus on regulatory implementation, a role that can be best described as "guiding the organisation and people to better understand their regulatory responsibilities to deliver more efficient regulatory outcomes.



Katharine Leaman
Managing Director
Leaman Crellin

Katharine Leaman spent 11 years within the FCA then oversaw compliance at two major banks. She now consults on regulatory compliance across market conduct, CASS, SMCR, FX Global Code, Outsourcing, non-financial misconduct, and conduct risk.



Raj Rajani
Financial Crime Consultant
Leaman Crellin

Raj is a highly experienced fellow chartered accountant and trusted business advisor. She has been a forensic accountant for nearly 20 years, responsible for the completion of a number of high-profile investigations with the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and Financial Services Authority (FSA).



Paul Coady
Former Global Head of Financial Crime Risk Education & Culture

A senior and broad-based risk, compliance and financial crime specialist with 25+ years professional, academic, and industry experience particularly focused on culture, conduct and education. Extensive experience of managing highly complex and multi-jurisdictional regulatory and organisational demands and leading the innovative design, development and execution of related strategies, frameworks, and solutions.