Managing DSE for Hybrid Workplaces

Length: 45 minutes | Format: Webinar

As a result of the global pandemic, businesses have had to adapt to work in different environments and with staff spread across numerous locations.

This means that everyone needs to change their approach to DSE and how awareness training and assessments are conducted and recorded.

Two health and safety experts joined us to discuss best practices when managing DSE in hybrid working environments.

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What this webinar covers...

  • What is DSE, and why is it important for your business?
  • How do employees benefit from DSE assessments?
  • How does hybrid working impact DSE?
  • Ways to streamline DSE assessments

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Webinar Speakers


Webinar Host

Libby Dean
Account Manager

Before joining Skillcast, Libby spent 7 years at leading health and safety consultancy, Praxis42.

Now she helps UK companies from SMEs to major corporates to achieve compliance success with e-learning and RegTech solutions.


Guest Speaker

David Plant
Health & Safety Consultant

David has over two decades of experience as a preventative health and safety consultant. He studied with ergonomic risk specialists Human Applications in respect of computer and display screen user assessments.

As Regional Consultant for Aviva, he is responsible for the health and safety of over a hundred home-based field operatives inclusive of their DSE requirements across England and Wales.



Guest Speaker

Kim Megson
Health & Safety Manager - North Region

Kim has been supporting the DSE needs of colleagues for around 30 years.

At Aviva, she specialises in DSE assessments and recommendations, for all from senior leaders and managers to individual staff members.

For more complex cases, Kim regularly liaises with Internal Occupational Health, HR, and Access to Work.