Effective Company Policy Management Webinar

Length: 22 minutes | Format: Webinar

Company policies are at the core of regulatory and standards compliance, helping to establish a culture of trust and integrity within your business. Senior executives are accountable for ensuring that staff are aware of and comply with these policies.

In this webinar, we will highlight common challenges that policy managers face and explain best practices used by companies that are furthest up the maturity curve.

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Key takeaways...

  • Avoid common mistakes made in corporate policy management
  • Improve your policy programme by following best practice examples
  • Optimise your policy management strategy, process and technology

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Webinar Speakers

Sam Bio

Webinar Host

Samantha Martin-Woodgate
Community Lead & Evangelist

Samantha has held various commercially focused roles across the Information Technology and Cybersecurity sectors and developed a particular nuanced skill and passion for building communities and bringing people together. 

Vivek Dodd Bio


Vivek Dodd
Chief Executive Officer

Vivek is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Skillcast. He has been creating compliance and regulatory courses for over two decades. He has an MS from MIT and a BS from IIT and has been a CFA Charterholder.

Emma Rowley bio card

Webinar Host

Emma Rowley
Enterprise Solutions Specialist

Emma offers solutions to clients who deliver a wide variety of training to their users globally. By building good working relationships with our Client administrators, Emma scopes out their requirements and helps to deliver project outcomes.