FastTrack to Training Success Webinar

Length: 17 minutes | Format: Webinar

Many companies find that experienced employees become frustrated when they undergo full training about topics they already know. Not only does this reduce engagement in training, but it also wastes one of the most valuable resources in a business – staff time.

We have created a solution to eliminate employee training fatigue while keeping your company compliant. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how using FastTrack can help reduce training time and fatigue while still evidencing your compliance training.

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Learn how you can...

  • Bypass the challenges that many businesses face
  • Avoid training fatigue in experienced learners
  • Increase productivity through pre-assessments


Watch this free training webinar

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Webinar Speakers

Sam Bio


Samantha Martin-Woodgate
Community Lead & Evangelist

Samantha has held various commercially focused roles across the Information Technology and Cybersecurity sectors. She has developed a particularly nuanced skill and passion for building communities and bringing people together. 



Simon Truckle
Director of Learning Services

Simon is responsible for ensuring that Skillcast partners achieve the best return on their e-learning investment. He helps our clients personalise the approach to the needs of their organisation. Before Skillcast, he was Head of E-learning at both Barclays Wealth and Gerard Asset Management.