FCA Business Plan: Data-led Regulations Webinar

Length: 48 minutes | Format: Webinar

The financial services sector is undergoing a transformation driven by data. To stay ahead in this dynamic landscape, it's crucial to understand the regulatory changes outlined in the FCA Business Plan 2023 and how they impact your business.

This webinar delves into the FCA Business Plan 2023 and its emphasis on data-led regulations.

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Discussion points...

  • Challenges and risks arising from data-led
  • Advantages of digital markets
  • Impacts and considerations of digital markets
  • Current and future FCA uses for data

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Webinar Speakers

Sam Bio

Webinar Host

Samantha Martin-Woodgate
Community Lead & Evangelist

Samantha has held various commercially focused roles across the Information Technology and Cybersecurity sectors and developed a particular nuanced skill and passion for building communities and bringing people together. 



Katharine Leaman
Managing Director
Leaman Crellin

Katharine Leaman spent 11 years within the FCA then oversaw compliance at two major banks. She now consults on regulatory compliance across market conduct, CASS, SMCR, FX Global Code, Outsourcing, non-financial misconduct, and conduct risk.



Lucien Carter
Director of Regulatory Compliance

Lucien brings 35+ years of experience, having worked across commercial, training and compliance disciplines. Most recently he was Deputy Head of Compliance for a European Private Bank with a focus on regulatory implementation, a role that can be best described as "guiding the organisation and people to better understand their regulatory responsibilities to deliver more efficient regulatory outcomes.