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  • FCA Compliance E-learning

    FCA Compliance Training

    Skillcast is the leading supplier of compliance e-learning in the UK financial services sector - covering practically every aspect of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations.

  • FCA Compliance E-learning Courses

    MiFID II Knowledge and Competence

    Skillcast provides the complete training programme to prepare your staff for the MiFID II at a low, fixed cost.

  • Senior Managers & Certification Regime

    Senior Managers & Certification Regime

    Skillcast provides the complete training programme to prepare your staff for the new Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) at a low, fixed cost.


Skillcast is the leading supplier of compliance e-learning to the UK financial services sector. Our FCA Compliance library comprises of over 60 e-learning courses on FCA regulations, covering high-level standards, conduct of business standards for all sectors (banking, investments, mortgage and insurance) and SMCR, as well as thematic topics, such as conduct risk, treating customers fairly.

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FCA Compliance Course List
  1. AIFM Regulations
  2. BCOBS - Distance Communications
  3. BCOBS - General Standards
  4. CASS - Client Money and Client Assets
  5. CeMAP Competency Refresher
  6. COBS - Appropriateness
  7. COBS - Client Categorisation
  8. COBS - Client Communications
  9. COBS - Dealing and Managing
  10. COBS - Suitability
  11. COCON - Conduct Rules for Senior Managers
  12. COCON - Conduct Rules for Certified Persons
  13. COCON - Conduct Rules for non-Certified Persons
  14. Complaints Handling
  15. Complaints Handling for Managers
  16. CONC - Consumer Credit Standards
  17. Conduct Risk
  18. Conflicts of Interest in Asset Management
  19. Ethical Standards in Finance and Investment
  20. ICOBS - Cancellation and Claims
  21. ICOBS - Distance Communications
  22. ICOBS - General Standards
  23. ICOBS - Providing Information and Advising
  24. Information Barriers
  25. Introduction to UK Financial Regulation
  26. MCOB - Advising and Selling
  27. MCOB - APR, Shortfalls and Charges
  28. MCOB - Disclosures
  29. MCOB - Equity Release
  30. MCOB - Financial Promotions
  31. MCOB - General Standards
  32. Mortgage Credit Directive
  33. Mortgage Market Review
  34. Overview of Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR)
  35. Payment Services Regulations
  36. Personal Conflicts of Interest
  37. Principles for Businesses
  38. Prudential Regulations
  39. Responsible Lending and Affordability
  40. Retail Distribution Review
  41. Senior Managers and Certification Regime
  42. Training and Competence
  43. Treating Customers Fairly
  44. Understanding MiFID
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