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    Financial Sanctions

    Welcome to our Financial Sanctions training course.
    Within this e-learning, you'll learn what financial sanctions are, how they impact our operations and how we comply with them. Sanctions issued by the UN, the US and the EU place restrictions on payments and other financial transactions. Any violations can result in fines as well as criminal charges. Learn how these sanctions work and the steps you can take to comply with them.

    [Duration: 30 min]

    Learning Objectives

    • Define financial sanctions and the purpose that they are designed to achieve
    • Explain the steps that our Company takes to comply with sanctions
    • Comply with your own obligations under the Company's policy and procedures in relation to sanctions
    • Recognise how to seek advice and report transactions that might breach sanctions

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    Course Contents

    • Welcome
    • What are financial sanctions?
    • Who imposes sanctions?
    • Types of financial sanctions
    • Mind the USA!
    • Sanctions terminology
    • Consequences: In the news…
    • You make the call: What is the risk?
    • Sanctions controls
    • Company sanctions
    • How we apply sanctions
    • Your obligations
    • You make the call: Is it correct or not?
    • Sanctions impact across our customer lifecycle
    • Customer on-boarding
    • Payments
    • Wire stripping
    • Third parties
    • You make the call: Is it True or False?
    • Screening and matching
    • The screening and matching process
    • You make the call: What type of match is it?
    • Best practice: Screening and matching
    • Implementing financial restrictions: Asset freezes
    • What this means for you
    • You make the call: Is it allowed or not?

    • Scenario: Angela's client
    • Scenario: Receiving payments from designated persons
    • Scenario: Insurance and designated persons
    • Entities: Ownership and control
    • Scenario: Sanctions and ownership
    • Scenario: Insuring entities
    • Scenario: Sanctions and partnerships
    • Scenario: Sapphire
    • Sanctions checks
    • The workaround
    • Scenario: Roya and Kazem's story
    • Our reporting and record-keeping obligations
    • Record keeping
    • Summary
    • Affirmation
    • Assessment


    Duration Approximately 30 minutes
    Audience Suitable for all staff - examples and interactivities designed for staff at all levels
    Prerequisites No previous knowledge or experience required
    Design SHARD-compliant, responsive display on all devices, accessibility on screen readers, visual design controlled via client style sheet
    Assessment Ten-question assessment
    Test-out Ability to offer optional test-out, whereby users can choose to skip the course content and complete the learning assignment simply by passing the assessment Deployment AICC and SCORM 1.2-compliant, suitable for both hosted and deployed SCORM or AICC
    Deployment AICC and SCORM 1.2-compliant, suitable for both hosted and deployed SCORM or AICC
    Compatibility All Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android (Flash-free for mobile compatibility)
    Tailoring Fully customisable on Skillcast Portal CMS
    Translation Pre-translated versions not available, but all text content can be exported for translation into all languages
    Localisation Based on UK legislation, but suitable for global audiences upon the removal of UK-specific references and translation as necessary


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