AML & CTF Compliance Training Course

To prevent criminal activity, nearly all countries in the world have committed themselves to extremely tough laws against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Money laundering is defined as criminal proceeds finding their way into the formal economy via a web of transactions that conceal their true origins.

Terrorist financing can come from rogue regimes or terrorist organisations that feed their cells worldwide under trade payments, investments, remittances and money for education.

Our global AML & CTF Compliance Training Course helps employees understand their obligations to preventing these crimes. It covers 17 regulatory regimes.
For a UK focus, see our AML & CTF Training Course.

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AML & CTF Compliance Training Course

About this Course

Available as part of our Global Compliance Library.

Learning Objectives

This course will prepare your employees to:

  • Identify money laundering and terrorist financing and how it takes place
  • Conduct proportionate, risk-based customer due diligence (CDD)
  • Identify common red flags and take appropriate action
  • Recognise when and how to seek advice and report suspicions
  • Fulfil your obligation not to tip off anyone suspected of money laundering or terrorist financing

Latest Course Updates

  • Course redesigned with a more modern feel
  • Full review conducted by an AML expert
  • Text & image updates throughout the course
  • 19 new news stories to illustrate key AML issues
  • 10 updated activities & scenarios
  • Updated post-course assessment with 20 new questions

Course Outline


What are money laundering & terrorist financing?

- Crossing the line: Money laundering & terrorist financing
- You decide: Money laundering or terrorist financing?
- The three-stage money laundering process
- Further ways to launder money
- You decide: Laundering the proceeds of crime
- You decide: What's the risk?

AML/CTF controls

- Crossing the line: AML/CTF controls
- What this means for you
- You decide: Complying with our AML/CTF Policy

Customer due diligence (CDD)

- Assessing risk
- Standard CDD
- You decide: Is the evidence sufficient?
- Best practice: Standard CDD
- Scenario: A postal application
- Scenario: Customer who can't provide full evidence
- Due diligence of other entities
- Scenario: The UHNW customer
- Scenario: The delay
- Simplified due diligence (SDD)
- Enhanced due diligence (EDD)
- You decide: What level of due diligence?

Politically exposed persons (PEPs)

- Crossing the line: Politically exposed persons
- Scenario: Dealing with PEPs
- Scenario: The family connection
- Scenario: A questionable association
- Best practice: Politically exposed persons

CDD: On-going monitoring

- What should you look out for?
- You decide: To report or not?
- Scenario: Unaffected by conflict
- Scenario: A director facing charges
- Scenario: Gut instinct
- Scenario: Missing information

Reporting suspicions

- Crossing the line: Reporting suspicions
- Scenario: When to report

Tipping off

- Scenario: Avoiding tipping off

Keeping records

- Crossing the line: Keeping records
- Scenario: A potential investigation

AML/CTF around the world

- France
- UK
- European Union (EU)
- Cayman Islands
- Australia
- China
- Germany
- Hong Kong
- India
- Isle of Man
- Japan
- Jersey
- Luxembourg
- Singapore
- Switzerland
- What do you think: Is it an offence?




Course Specifications



Approximately 45-minute long e-learning course followed by a 10-question assessment.



Suitable for all staff - examples and interactivities designed for staff at all levels. No previous knowledge or experience is required.



SHARD-compliant, responsive display on all devices, accessibility on screen readers, visual design controlled via a client style sheet.

Fast track

FastTrack Option

Ability to offer optional test-out, whereby users can choose to skip the course content and complete the learning assignment simply by passing the assessment.



All Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android (Flash-free for mobile compatibility). AICC and SCORM 1.2-compliant, suitable for both hosted and deployed SCORM or AICC.



Fully customisable on Skillcast Portal CMS.



Pre-translated versions not available, but all text content can be exported for translation into all languages.



Based on UK legislation, but suitable for global audiences upon the removal of UK-specific references and translation as necessary.

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